What is LHCsound?

LHCsound: the  sonification of the ATLAS detector data output.

LHCsound is funded by the STFC as a public outreach project, but also has potential as a physics analysis/ detector monitoring tool and as a resource for musical composition and performance.

The project was conceived and preliminary funding acquired by myself (Lily Asquith) and Ed Chocolate, who is an engineer and musician.

LHCsound is currently in the software development stage. The lead developers are myself (Lily Asquith) and Richard Dobson. I am a high energy physicist working on the ATLAS detector at CERN, and Richard is a musician and developer of the CDP (Composer’s Desktop Project) software which is used in this project.

Our website is www.lhcsound.com.


One comment

  1. Mao Vargas

    Te felicito Lily Por Tus Investigaciones en el Campo de La fisica. Soy músico y Folclórico me parece Muy Interesante tu Trabajo.

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