We are a group of particle physicists, composers, software developers and artists. The project started in earnest in January 2010 thanks to funding from the Science & Technology Facilities Council in the form of a small award for public outreach.

The aim of the project is threefold:
To attract people to the results of the LHC experiments in a way that is novel, exciting and accessible.
To establish mutually beneficial communication between the usually disparate fields of music and science and provide composers with access to LHC data.
To introduce particle physicists to the possibility of using sonification as an analysis technique and to begin to establish the methods available for doing this.

These days, we are having fun.



  1. Suman Sinha

    Love the idea! Very very creative… 🙂

    By the way, wanted to ask you guys to change the About page on the blog – the default WordPress text is showing up. I’m sure that it is unintentional! 😛

  2. PattiF

    I found you simply by following links from a bbc article. Any chance of your collecting these sounds into a single location, putting out a cd or more mp3 files? They are wonderful for meditation, dreamwork, creative preparation, etc…

    Indeed, a wondrous way to get people interested in Mystery…the music of the spheres…”that which is bigger than ourselves” …

    • thecreationist

      Thanks for your interest, yes we will be creating more mp3 files, and are currently working on making new sound files, our progress is only slowed by limited time and funds! When we have more we were certainly thinking of making the files available, and perhaps ringtones and CD’s should be in the pipeline too.

  3. Paul Vickers

    You should come and present your work at the International Conference on Auditory Display. You just missed this year’s event (last week in Washington) but next year’s will take place in Budapest.

    • Eszter

      It’s funny and interesting that it will be held right in Budapest, because the ensemble is living there. Do you already know the location and the organizers? I would contact them.

  4. Sc.Art

    Let me bring to your attention the music of Sc.Art based on sounds of space (www.scartmusic.com). We would be happy if there was a way to join this exiting project.
    Eszter, project manager

  5. David Jones

    To think that all these years I’ve been hearing in my head and playing on the piano the music of the galaxies 🙂

  6. David Spondike

    Any jobs in “sonification” available?
    Not that I’m out of work, but what a great job that would be.

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